Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yogax2 for the 3rd time this week…..

Well I survived! I think. Lol I did yogax2 3 times this week for the recovery week for p90x2. My lesson today is don’t smash your face

I smashed my face at the end :(

I also went for a super fun run! I really love running now.. I really never thought I would say that ever. but now I do! I was almost late to pick up my lil ones from the bus stop because I ran a lil late on getting my yoga in… but I completed both…and I feel soo good that I did….this completes the recovery week for me. I am ready to start phase 3 of p90x2 and I am ready to start some turbofire! My diet has been really on track…I am not gonna let myself back pedal anymore…diet is 80% of the equation. tonight I made chicken parmesean from it was soo tastey and soo good for me297802_259553770832389_1227681480_n


Doesn’t it look good…the whole plate was under 600 calories…and baked not fried! I also had a freakin amazing shakeology today…with watermelon, banana, blueberries and almonds…it was sooo refreshing after both of my workouts!  Ohhh yeah im gonna keep myself on track with my workouts and my nutrition! I feel great tonight..gonna get to bed just a bit earlier so I get great sleep…I have an important phone call in the morning!

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