Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hate to run when its cold

Well its like almost officially the cold season. I am so not looking forward to this. But I live in Ohio so i need to get used to it i guess. Time to break out the hoodies, sweatshirts, pants and leggings.  I am gonna try  not to be such a big baby about running in the cold. Today i am supposed to go for a run and i am already thinking of ways not to.  Well i need to stop that. Really i know that once i get out there i am going to be just fine and i am going to love it. Why because i want to succeed! I want my diet and my workouts to actually make a difference on my body!  The only way to achieve this is by getting it done and not being a baby about it! I will feel better when i am done! 
i wanna be successful!!
Well I did it I ran 10 miles in one hour and 18 minutes..and i did awesome...i was right..after i got out into the air and started to warm up i was completely fine. I really love when people crane their neck to watch me run lol it makes me run even faster now
Runnin 10 mile isnt pretty but its what i do!
I feel so much better now. I am ready to take on my day and i can be more calm about it.  Working out is my drug of choice! When i am out on the open road with nothing else but the music in my ears and the beat of my feet on the pavement it is a feeling like no other...especially when the right song comes on at the right time. I have not ran 10 miles in a very long was nice to get out and just let myself run at a comfortable pace.  I only stopped running because i had hit my calorie burn for the day and my legs were starting to scream at me! Ohh yeah now it is time to refuel with the healthiest meal of the day shakeology! I am gonna mix mine today with one frozen banana, one whole peach, a lil coconut extract, ice and a half cup of milk and some water and of course a scoop of the awesome shakeology of course!
The Healthiest meal of the day!

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