Wednesday, October 31, 2012

bad back solutions

Well recently I have hurt my back. I don’t know what really that I did to it.  It has seriously put a wrench in my fitness goals but  I will not let this get me down! I went to a chiropractor and he said it was not with my spine and he adjusted me.  I felt a little better after that visit but not 100%. So instead of my given my money away to the chiropractor I have decided to heal myself.  I am taking what he has told me and what I already know. I have been doing a lot of steady cardio lately and my body is telling me….hey! Slow down. So this is what I shall do!

The plan~ Instead of doing cardio I will be doing yoga and foam rolling. When I do yoga I will be picking from Turbofire Stretch 40, P90x Yoga or p90x2 yoga.  The foam rolling is from P90x2 and I would recommend this program for anyone that is sore and needs your body to function better! Really when I do this video I feel so much better is is amazing!  Stretch 40p90x2-recovery-mobilityp90x yoga

I also have decided to use the heating pad after my workouts so that I help whatever that is tight in my back to work itself out. I remember a time when my back went out when I was a bigger girl and I would just basically give up. Stop doing anything and eat too much because I was depressed. But with my new life I need to be active! I need to not let my emotions send me to the cookie jar or the Halloween candy stash. I want to be strong about my decisions!

Tracking my diet is going to be key in this as well because I wont be burning as many calories as I would with the cardio I was doing. So I have to lower my calorie intake…this will be hard but I can do it and I need to be strong! I will Be Strong When I am WEAK Brave when I a am SCARED and HUMBLE when I a am Victorious!

Be STrong

Friday, October 26, 2012

Update on me

Well my back is still out of whack slightly. I visited a chiropractor and he said do light workouts and yoga. So starting tomorrow I will be doing daily yoga sessions along with recovery and mobility and light jogging. I really need to get my back worked out.  I will be incorporating core workouts and back strengtheners. I have been feeling really weak lately and I really need to stop that. I am strong and I can do this. My back will heal. I just need to take care of it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People

I am going to be incorporating more of these habits into my life! operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People: I have not always been a naturally organized person.  Though I've always enjoyed the pursuits and positive effects of organization since ...

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