Friday, February 8, 2013

wow its been one year already

Well today marks the One year anniversary of my becoming a beachbody coach! I want to take a minute and think about the past year and everything that I accomplished.  I want to reflect on what type of person I am becoming and that I have become! I want to go over my beginning goals as a coach.

   Wow one whole year has passed since becoming a coach. In this year I have accomplished a round of p90x2 and earned my tshirt!IMAG0346 Woot woot! I plan on earning every tshirt beachbody offers! I had my picture in a nationally published magazine for my weight loss of over 140 lbs! 419209_521131864579234_1236260464_nMy picture is on the cover here on the bottom in the orange! 185086_257101697744263_1455035957_nI had a full page spread telling my story!  I was so excited and happy! I got to meet Turbofires Jenelle Summers 380182_188471414607292_1419265888_ntwice!734839_305677532886679_2092109348_n The last picture is a little dark but that is because we were doing a glowin the dark turbofire inspired workout!  I also got to meet the big man and ceo of beachbody Carl Daikler 68720_265403293580770_784486190_n.
I attended trainings to meet them both!  My coach and I have also got to meet two times and I think she is amazing her name is Angela Capers! 385674_188470201274080_368886567_n542159_4115606968977_1578916664_n
My hubby and I also signed up for and ran a Warrior Dash 250748_217745141679919_900308778_nwe loved it so much we signed up for both Ohio Warrior dashes in 2013! So stay tuned for pictures from them! I got 3rd place in the firecracker 5k on the fourth of July in which I ran with my daughter Heaven Leigh. She finished in a great time for her first race and we both dressed a like I was very proud483008_235296319924801_183792914_n

We also raced in the run to the moon! I did the 5k and my two older girls ran the mile fun run…the lil one actually beat the big one.image237image242256382_240398116081288_607018499_o

I also competed in my first ever 13.1 mile half marathon..which I like to say I am only half crazy lol. I finished the race in 2 hours 20 mins. I felt like I could have done better because I had hurt my back prior to this and couldn’t really train like I had wanted to. But I finished!


  My journey with beachbody is making me a better person overall. As I give back and help other people in there Journeys and they  gain confidence so do i!  I love being able to share my story! When someone says “Hey thank you for posting that I needed that!” it is the best feeling ever!

My first goals as a coach was to be able to afford my shakeology without burdening my husband and having him use his money to buy it. I reached that goal and I have not had to pay for my shakeology at all! My commissions as a coach more than cover the cost. My 2nd goal as a coach was to help my family get healthy. Starting with my immediate family. I have also reached that goal my own mother is 60 lbs lighter and my husband is 50 lbs lighter.  If someone would ask me if I love my job I can truly say YES I love what I do as a beachbody coach! I am healthier! My family is healthier and my overall life is improved with this amazing opportunity! My thoughts are that the sky is the limit! Really anything that you want to achieve you can! With Hard Work and Dedication! 2013 is going to be an amazing year for me I just know it! I am claiming it to be mine! The feeling I have can only grow! I have never been so addicted to self improvement in my life! I love being able to improve myself on a daily basis!  Nothing can beat the desire I want for success and for the people around me to succeed!!!!!!!

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