Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Hello my name is Crystal Hancock and I am a coach. I have been married for 6 years and I have 3 wonderful little girls Heaven, Stormy and Saphyr! I started out on my weightloss journey in 07 when I gave birth to my daughter Saphyr and realized I weighed 315 lbs I was disgusted and mortified. I had let myself go too far! In the beginning I would run back and forth in my own home for an hour a day 6 days a week…I was too embarrassed to actually run outside being that I was so big. When you are big you don’t want anyone to see you sweat. I was losing weight that way but it was hard! I got down to 275 and I was introduced to p90x by a friend of mine. He said that it was really hard but it was a great program. So I decided to order it for myself to try. I got mine and started and did my best and forgot the rest. My friend didn’t make it past the first month. This made me want to succeed even more. I put myself in a silent competition with this guy because I wanted to prove that I was strong and I could do it! I also added one hour of biking everyday to my p90x. I finished that round in sept of 09 and I had lost 100 lbs! I was so proud of myself I had conquered the beast p90x! after that I had many missed attempts to start a new round. I spent a whole year..enjoying my new body. Then last year I decided it was time for me to reach my goal and I set out to reach my goals. In 2011 I started a round of p90x and I did insanity at the same time..finished 2 rounds of insanity and went on to conquer the asylum..yes I finished that too…I ended the year out with turbofire and became addicted with that too! Yes I am addicted to beachbody and I love that it has given me back my life and I am happy to help others achieve there goals…I have never had a more rewarding and fulfilling job! I am currently going p90x2… my journey continues!

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Hi my name is Crystal and i have 3 lil girls...Heaven 12, Stormy 6 and Saphyr 5...i am also married to my best friend i have worked really hard and i have lost 152 lbs so far using beachbody programs